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The Refreshinator
Increase your chances of getting Festival tickets

Trying to buy tickets to Glastonbury festival?
Stuck on a holding page, that requires you to refresh?
waiting for a page to change on a site?
The refreshinator is the tool for you
Some of these sites (e.g Glastonbury festival) will require you to keep refreshing your browser to get onto the site
each time you refesh the page (request to get on the site) you have a very small chance of getting on
the more you refresh, the higher your chances of getting a ticket

Download the Refreshinator App here :

Refreshinator Gif showing how to get onto glastonbury ticket site

About The Refreshinator

The Refreshinator is a browser with a powerful refreshing feature, it will:

  • Automatically refresh a site until it gets past a page
  • Refresh the site faster than a normal person can
  • Notify the user when it has got past the page (alarm/vibrate)
  • You can leave it to do the work, freeing yourself up to try on your laptop.
  • automatically recover from fail to load

Glastonbury Tickets

This is basically what getting Glastonbury tickets is like:
you get up early with all your house mates, friends on the phone and facebook messenger in the background. The site often crashes, you try as hard as possible, if your very lucky one of you makes it through onto the ticket page.

The Refreshinator experience is a bit different, the whole time you are going made the trying to get past the Glastonbury ticket holding page, the Refreshinator is also trying, however it is capable of refreshing the site much faster than you and it is relentless. On the Glastonbury 2016 resale it made it onto the site one time in 10 seconds (the average was about 30s).


Setting the search text

Image to show how to set the search text or phrase.


Click the AutoRefresh

Click the AutoRefresh button to get started


Word disappeared!

When the word or search phrase disappears, you can be sure the page has changed. Note the App will try and bail out of auto refreshing rather than refresh the next page so you don't get kicked off


Loads of options

There are loads of advanced options,
searching for a word to appear,
slowing down the refresh speed,
clearing the browser cache